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Not yet

If you're madly clicking on the state's budget rescissions and not getting them, you're not the only one. Apparently, there is a delay in making it happen. The administration says five minutes. Don't know if that's a Seinfeldian Chinese restaurant five minutes, legislative-time five minutes or an actual five minutes.

- TH

According to a poster at Green Mountain Daily the State's system crashed because of the high traffic. I can hear Neale saying "No one could have guessed..."
"We can look forward to two more years of the "I didn't know the gun was loaded, mommy" defense emanating from the pavilion putz's ministry of lame excuses."

Your partisan hatred is appalling.
Stop reading his posts.

Your life will improve!
"boy blunderville"

That's so cute! Your such a cut-up! You must be amusing yourself half to death!

Now please list his "blunders."

That's a joke. In 13 months you haven't set forth a "fact."

All you do is hurl repetitive insults at anybody and everybody, occasionally interspersed with your partisan opinion.

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