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No indy for Keogh

Rep. Bill Keogh has decided not to run in November as an independent. He said this morning that he'd been urged to do so by Dems and Republicans, but has opted not to try the alternative route through the door.

Keogh, after four terms in the Legislature, lost the Democratic primary Tuesday to newcomer Suzi Wizowaty. He said of her: "Suzi Wizowaty did an outstanding job of organizing and implementing an effective campaign. I think she will do a good job in her new role."

Keogh remains on the Burlington City Council, which he said will ask ward clerks to give them a report about what did and didn't work in Tuesday's election. No doubt, a lot of things worked beautifully, but it wasn't hard to see that a fair number of things didn't work well.

- Terri Hallenbeck

Right decision Bill.
Good decision - time to give a NEW left-wing crackpot a chance to help destroy Vermont just a little more.
nooooo! run Bill, run!
Bill is a class act. We'll miss him in the Legislature.
Bill is a republican. Hope he's thrown out of the council, too.
Wizohooty..can't wait to hear the House Clerk try and pronounce her name...shame on the extremem left-wing for drafting her to run against a good man.
of for god's sake. Keogh was a waste of space. They plunked him on the health care committee.
Weren't we lucky?
Nice try, wrong-way peach-fuzz.

Then let them move to Cleveland or Chicago and try their luck with the Poles, the Ukes, and the Slavs, little fella. It's not like it's Krzyzewski, schmuck.

Shame on the schmuck she beat for not campaigning, goin' to Ireland and takin' her for granted, little fella.

If you're in politics, ya don't touch the old sod, visit the Holy Land or go back to the old country and settle accounts by whackin' Don Ciccio until after election day, cause if ya do and ya lose, ya got nobody to blame but yourself no matter who ya are, what party you belong to or where ya hail from, little fella.

Just close the raincoat and ask your boy, Sherman, schmuck.
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