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Costello is running

Tom Costello will run for lieutenant governor. That means a Democratic primary unless Costello or Nate Freeman change their minds before July 21.

There was a primary in 2006, too. Matt Dunne vs. John Tracy. Dunne won the primary but lost the race.

So is a primary a good idea for this race? Neither candidate has statewide name recognition so a little competition might help that. Will either have any money and therefore any money left to face off against Republican incumbent Brian Dubie?

All that will become clear in the coming weeks.

-- Nancy Remsen


When will we see the retraction for your post "Anthony's Ag-ony"

NOFA Director Enid Wonnacott said, "For Sam to say that we’re attacking Anthony is simply wrong. I don’t have a beef with Anthony,”

Sam was WRONG.

Where is the retraction?

Man up Sam. Print the retraction.
Dubie for progress and integrity in Montpelier
Dubie and Douglas for the status quo. That's working real well.
Douglas and Dubie have the good moral character and common sense to support Megan's law. Strict sentences work. Rehabilition doesn't.
Vermont already has a sex registry

Megan's Law is a feel good gimmick but it isn't any different than what we have now.
I agree that Sam H. needs to respond to questions on his piece on Pollina and NOFA, particularly since it was also printed in the paper. It looks like a hatchet job to me. Either say you got it wrong or explain how you got it right.

If you say you are just reporting what another blogger reported right or wrong, then given the statement by NAFA you need to find the truth and report that.
Give it up on the Sam H. issue - move on.
Yea, move on. Who cares if a prominent reporter for the largest newspaper in the state got the story totally wrong by relying on a bogus source?

Who cares if Hemmingway reports lies and rumors as if they are facts?

He kind of gets it right ... sometimes. So just leave him alone.
Gannett journalistic ethics is an oxymoron.
There should be some journalistic standard.

Clearly Sam got the story wrong. He needs to acknowledge that.
I agree. Sam made a devastating report on a candidate for governor that may untrue. I don't think people should give it up. I am not a Pollina supporter. I just see this as an injustice that needs to be addressed. Come on Sam, deal with this.
Anonymous said...

"Douglas and Dubie have the good moral character and common sense to support Megan's law. Strict sentences work. Rehabilition doesn't."

I was wonderin' how long it'd be before one of you nameless-nitwits with bupkis weighed in on issue of Brooke Bennett. Personally, I'm pleasantly surprised it took your ignorant anonymous ass this long before trying to spin it in doogie's favor.

To the best of my knowledge, the only people who've been implicated in her horrific kidnapping, rape and murder to date are her uncle and her stepfather in Texas. This, of course, fits with the vast majority of these cases in that the victim knows the predator as in the many cases currently pending against the Vermont Archdiocese and the Catholic Church in general, the assorted cases involving teachers, coaches and other school personnel or is related to them as in this case.

In view of those facts, where the fook were Brooke's parents? Do you seriously mean to tell me that they were unaware of the Uncle's record and history?!! If so, they were grossly negligent and derelict in their duties as parents. Either way, they fell down on the job as parents.

Clearly, while I sympathize with their loss and can only imagine the pain and sense of loss they're going through and will continue to go through long after this story runs its course is, they had to be aware of the Uncle and the Stepfather's record and history. If not, what the hell were they doing as parents and why the hell has nobody explored this angle of the story.

As your ignorant anonymous ass did with the Judge Cashman Affair in '06, in addition to your shameless efforts to spin this in favor of the jimi douglas experience, you simply don't know your ass from your elbow or what the fook you're talking about and you haven't got a case or a clue.

Then again, you never do.

Always a pleasure.
Anonymous said... "moron".

Yeah, but your ignorant anonymous ass should still be allowed to post here and spew your factually-challenged ignorant just like any other ignorant anonymous ass with bupkis and without a case or a clue, little factually-challenged/nameless-nitwit fella.

After all, how else are ya gonna learn how to distinguish your ignorant ass from your ill-informed elbow.

Always a pleasure.
Come on Sam. Admit it. You used a bad source and you got the story wrong.
Jwcoop10 is chuck lacy.

Always a pleasure. Dismissed.
Anonymous said...

"Jwcoop10 is chuck lacy."

Really? So, now that your ignorant anonymous ass has spent the better part of nine months failing to prove I'm Doug Hoffer along with every other coalition of the clueless cretin case you've failed to make, is it your factually-challenged/fundamentally-dishonest, clueless-cretin intention to spend the next nine months failing to prove I'm Chuck Lacy - whoever the hell that is - now, too, little fella?

And you're basing this on.....?

That's what I thought.

Knock yourself out. That's entertainment.

Always a pleasure.
Jwcoop10 is chuck lacy.

Always a pleasure. Dismissed.
Ben and Jerry's anyone?
In other words, you're still dumb, you're still scum and your ignorant anonymous ass has still got bupkis.

Thanks for clearin' that up, little fella.

Always a pleasure.
I'll take my Cherry Garcia in a waffle cone with sprinkles but then you knew that didn't you Coopy.
Jwcoop10 is chuck lacy.

Always a pleasure. Dismissed.
bupkis is chuck manson.
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