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Iraq war costs

Here is an interesting website by the National Priorities Project. I'm not vouching for its validity, but even if biased, it offers food for thought.

Through some calculation, this group has set up a running counter of the cost of the Iraq War to the country and the share that would be considered to be coming from Vermonters or New Yorkers or whomever. The counter read $775 million as the cost of the war to Vermont.

The site also has a comparative calculator. You pick some defense related expense and then see how much of some domestic program it might have purchased.

The war has been an important issue for some Vermonters. Candidates such as Congressman Peter Welch, D-VT, and perhaps those running for governor could be asked questions about the toll the war is taking on Vermont. The numbers at this site may not be the right numbers, but some figures -- number of Vermonters killed, injured, plus dollars not available for (you fill in the blank) are relevant, don't you think?

-- Nancy Remsen

Now that masser' governor gave me my bonuses and a raise, I can afford to pay even more to fund the king's war. We loves us some Bush, fer sure.
Welch "could be asked questions about the toll the war is taking on Vermont"? Are you serious? Or, if you'd rather, what the hell have you been waiting for? Welch SHOULD be asked these questions. Now start asking already.
The unjustified and unjustifiable War in Iraq is not just an economic issue, it's the single-most important economic issue responsible for running this Country and this State's economy into the ground.

Of course Iraq and its costs should be part of any Gubernatorial Debate.

When will we see the retraction for your post "Anthony's Ag-ony"

NOFA Director Enid Wonnacott said, "For Sam to say that we’re attacking Anthony is simply wrong. I don’t have a beef with Anthony,”

Sam was WRONG.

Where is the retraction?

Man up Sam. Print the retraction.
When will; Pollina stop being a spoiler?

He can't win!

However, I'm sure that like he did in 2002, he'll show up at the GOP on election nite to accept thanks from JIM DOUGLAS this time.
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