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Election doings

As we told you yesterday, Rep. Michele Kupersmith, a Democrat from South Burlington, who is on the ballot to run for re-election, will be stepping down. Today, we have some more details.

There is no write-in campaign to replace Kupersmith in today's primary election. The replacement candidate will be nominated after the primary.

She has taken a job in career placement at Vermont Law School, her alma mater. The trek to South Royalton doesn't leave room for serving in the Legislature in Montpelier.

I would guess this was no easy decision for Kupersmith. She was big on issues related to workforce development and proud of her work in helping to shape the Next Generation scholarships to include workforce development.

In other election doings:

- Sam Young, independent candidate for governor from the Kingdom, has sent a mailing to some Vermont households urging people to write his name in on the Republican line in today's primary.

He says:
"In the spirit of Fred Tuttle, a fifth-generation Vermonter challenges a fat-cat
from Massachusetts."

- A group called Chittenden County for Good Government sent a mailing urging voters to select a certain set of Chittenden County Democrats for Senate.

They are Rep. Denise Barnard, Williston resident Tim Palmer, and incumbent Sens. Ed Flanagan, Ginny Lyons, Doug Racine and Hinda Miller.

In one place, the card spells Flanagan's name as Flangan. The group snubs Democratic candidates Dennis McMahon, Sean Starfighter and Tim Ashe. Ashe is the Progressive city councilor from Burlington who is running for Senate as a Dem, and in the process irking a number of Dems.

- Terri Hallenbeck

Starfighter rules!
Someone in the group was smart enough not to call themselves
"Democrats for Good Government" knowing that would be a misnomer.
The Republicans know "good government" ??

In 8 years of Republican rule, we've seen:

1) The Republicans failed to manage the first large-scale emergency since 9/11. Despite all their big talk and hundreds of billions of dollars spent on homeland security over the past four years, this administration proved itself stunningly incompetent when faced with an actual emergency.

2) America is broke. No wait, we're worse than broke. In less than five years these borrow and spend-thrifts have nearly doubled our national debt, to a stunning $8.2 trillion.

3) In New Orleans, eleven thousand new mobile homes are sinking into the mud. Seems no one in the administration knew there were federal and state laws prohibiting trailers in flood zones. Oops. That little mistake cost us $850 million

4) In Iraq (the war that Cheney said would be paid for by Iraqi oil revenues) we've sunk $300 billion into this quagmire, and continue to spend $6 billion each month. Meanwhile the three warring tribes Bush "liberated" are using our money and soldiers' lives to partition the country. The Shiites and Kurds are carving out the prime cuts while treating the once-dominant Sunnis the same way the Israelis treat the Palestinians, forcing them onto Iraq's version of Death Valley. Meanwhile Iran is increasingly calling the shots in the Shiite region as mullahs loyal to Iran take charge.

5) Energy -- Record high energy prices are killing economic growth in the US. The energy companies are racking up record profits. George and Dick do nothing.

6) Thanks to the Republicans, the USA now runs secret prisons and a secret judicial system. And the U.S. has joined the list of nations that tortures prisioners of war.

The GOP knows nothing about good government and the last 8 years prove it.
Ashe is a prog who says he is wants to act as a fusion candidate with Dems - guess what, he has never approached any of the Dems (party or senate candidates) about working together.

Hehas been quoted as saying he can't win as a prog so he needs to run as a dem.
Its pretty bad when you can't even spell your candidates name correctly! Maybe they should have asked a fifth grader!
Tim Ashe is a prog and should run as a Prog!

Unless he is ready to support publicly the slate of all dem candidates!
That's who the dems have working for them . . . fifth graders! No wonder they can't figure how to override the Gov's veto,even with a majority!!!
The Dems tend to snub candidates who ask for a chance to meet with them, so why ask? I think they're afraid Ashe might actually act like a Democrat use to act which doesn't sit well with the centrists.
Shumlin must have been in charge of writing that piece. Guess his dyslexia is back in full swing. Not only can't he read, he can't write either!
Schumlin may have written it but Jim Condos supposedly is behind the PAC. Let the D's eat each other! Your spelling and your policy leaves a lot to be desired.
Voted for Hinda, Ginny, Tim Ashe, Doug, Denise and Ed.

Planning on voting for Diane in the General and hopefully not Ed.
Wondering how the South End race with Joey, Bill and this Suzy lady is going to work out. Voted the same as the person above.
Go Hinda!
NEK said...

"Someone in the group was smart enough not to call themselves
"Democrats for Good Government" knowing that would be a misnomer."

In other words, you're still dumb, you're still scum and your ignorant anonymous ass has still got bupkis.

Thanks for clearin' that up, nekkie boy.

And if some folks called themselves gops for good government, they'd be lyin' scum, nekwit.

Always a pleasure.
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