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Another Pollina write-in

So more than a week ago, the Progressive State Committee voted to promote a slate of write-in candidates in the September primary election and who tops the list? Anthony Pollina.

Yes, the guy who in July decided he would fore go running for governor as a Progressive Party candidate so he could appeal across party lines without the burden of a party label now will end up with his name hand-written onto Progressive Party ballots for that same political position.

And then, assuming he wins the write-in election, he said Monday he would decline the Progressive nomination.

Why write in a guy's name when he's going to turn down the nomination? Because the Progressive Party wants to block random candidates from borrowing their political banner. The goal is to "protect the ballot."

Without the write-in campaign, the only Progressive Party candidate on the November ballot would be Thomas Hermann, who is running for Congress.

"It is important to all Progressives that we are represented by candidates who are committed to advancing the issues that matter most to Vermonters," said Morgan Daybell, the party's executive director.

Anthony Pollina won't be the party's only write-in candidate. The state committee has approved a full slate of statewide candidates that it will promote -- all with long histories of activism in the party.
  • Richard Kemp for lieutenant governor
  • Marjorie Power for secretary of state
  • Charlotte Dennett for attorney general
  • Don Schramm for treasurer
  • Martha Abbott for auditor of accounts

It's not clear how much any of these candidates will campaign -- but besides keeping non-Progressives off the ballot, the goal is to collect at least 5 percent of the votes on Election Day. If none of the Progressives win at least 5 percent of the votes in the statewide races, the party's major party status is in jeopardy.

OK, filling in all those blank spaces on the ballot makes sense, I guess. But Pollina's on-again, off-again status as a Progressive candidate for governor has got to confuse voters and leave them muttering, "Make up your mind."

-- Nancy Remsen

I call the Progressive Party the "Hee Haw" Party, because the only reason anyone ever casts a vote for a Progressive in an otherwise uncontested race is for a good ol' "Hee Haw!"

But which PC will break the magic five percent ceiling? Don Schramm may get some support because his name rhymes with "Cram." Dennett should run for state senate. Abbott is trying to oust a guy who's on duty in the war? For shame. Kemp? He's too well known as anti-semitic and anti-american. That leaves Marjorie Power. She's got the power! Bt watch out for the Liberty Union!!!
If these people wanted to get on the ballot, they should have gone out and gotten the signatures.

They didn't want to put themselves out -- they shouldn't be on the ballot !!!!
Chris Pearson for Speaker
Pearson is the leader of a group that has very, very little support in Vermont.

The Progs have been around for a long time now. They aren't getting any more votes now than they did a decade ago.

Vermonters aren't buying the brand of crazy that Chris sells.
They are buying Jimmy Douglas's brand of crazy ... that's pretty damned crazy.

The kind of crazy that ignores every major issue and blames everyone else for the state's problems.
What's Pearson's platform? I haven't heard of him before.
Don't ask questions about Pearson. It makes him very angry.

Just sit down and listen. It's how the Progressive "Party" works.
This is an "organized" political party? Visions of them passing the bong around, saying "dude, you run for Treasurer, I'll run for LG, *cough*"

Don't know what this party stands for anymore, other than confusing the hell out of most of us . . .
Campaigns for High School Student Council are more organized than this.

The fact that they are allowed to continue on in existance speaks volumes for the strength of our democracy.
Amen 7:37. I should know not to even stop to read anything that has Progressive in the storyline. Just keep right on walking with eyes straight ahead........
I am a Progressive and I will NOT be any part of writing these people in - and anyone that does should be ashamed of themselves.
I am a Progressive and I will NOT be any part of writing these people in - and anyone that does should be ashamed of themselves.
Sandy"I'm from Berkely" Haas for Governor and Dexter "dump your milk" Randall for Lt. Gov
Pollina has lost 3 statewide campaigns, has had 3 different party affiliations ... and less than $10,000 in the bank.

He's no longer a serious canidate.
no longer? implying that he ever was?
With his scholarly new glasses, Neal Lunderville looks a little like this supposed Rockefeller guy that's been in the news. Creepy.
Neil is responsible for enough bad policy decisions that I don't think that there is any reason to go after his fashion choices.

Let's keep our eye on the ball.
Still think Pollina will drop out at the last second, saying something like, "While our voter base has been growing steadily, we have been unable to secure the funding needed to mount a creditable campaign. This is most unfortunate as Vermonters are now left with no real choice. I will return to my Progressive roots and continue to build the party by helping to elect Progressive legislators. I wish to thank my many supporters and know they will make an enlightened voting decision when they go to the polls in November."
"It is important to all Progressives that we are represented by candidates who are committed to advancing the issues that matter most to Vermonters," said Morgan Daybell, the party's executive director.

Apparently, the Progs are 2 -faced...

They need to protect their ballot aso tehy can be sure that their issues are promoted.

BUT, and I repeat, BUT when it comes to the Chittenden Senate race, it's ok to place their name in teh Democratic Primary because they know they can't win a chitt cty senate seat as a prog.

Progressive Party - what a bunch of hypocrites!
Here, here - from the top down!!!
The head of the Progressive Party should just resign right now - this is a train wreck!
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