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Not all of the candidates are eager to acknowledge it, but there is a primary coming up in just a few short weeks. That means voters have just 22 days to sink their teeth into who's really running for what and who they should vote for. A handful of forums this week will help them do that:

- TUESDAY: Channel 17, the public access station in Burlington, and WDEV radio in Waterbury (AM 550 & FM 96.1) will air a debate between Republican U.S. House candidates Martha Rainville and Mark Shepard at 9 a.m.

- WEDNESDAY: Channel 17 has scheduled a debate of Democratic U.S. Senate candidates for 6 p.m. Not all of the candidates will take part, however. Bernie Sanders, the independent who allowed his name to be placed on the Democratic ballot and has the support of the Democratic Party officials but will decline the nomination if he wins it, will not be there, spokesman Paul Hortenstine said. The other Democrats running for the seat are Craig Hill, Peter Moss and Louis Thabault.

- THURSDAY: Democratic lieutenant governor candidates Matt Dunne and John Tracy will debate on Channel 17 and WDEV radio at 9 a.m.

Republican U.S. Senate candidates (Rich Tarrant and Greg Parke) will follow at 10 a.m.

At 6 p.m. on Channel 17, the slate of Democratic state's attorney candidates in Chittenden County will square off, followed by the Republican attorney general candidates.

Wait, there's more. Dunne and Tracy will again meet on Vermont Public Radio's Switchboard at 7 p.m.

CCTV's schedule: http://www.cctv.org/index.php?SiteAlias=cctv&PageAlias=CH17_Debates.

- Terri Hallenbeck

Now why oh why couldn't you also mention the online debate between Dunne and Tracy scheduled for next Monday at noon at greenmountaindaily.com? All you're doing is confirming all the assumptions about the traditional media condescencion towards blogs that is out there - even in the face of something actually new and different. C'mon, now.
Ooh that's a dynamic debate medium, some guy called "Vermonter" trying his best to type in a candidate's response to a question while hoping his chat software doesn't crash. There's a reason no one does debates this way, and it's not because no one's thought of it before.
In response to Odum: Two reasons why I didn't mention your debate. 1. My list was of events this week. Monday is next week.
2. I didn't know about it. But I do now. It's at noon, at www.greenmountaindaily.com, a chatroom with Democratic lt. gov. candidates Matt Dunne and John Tracy.
_ Terri Hallenbeck
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